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Purchasing insurance is important, but it sometimes feels like an obligation. Few people enjoy delving into premiums and policy terms. We can help. Knowledgeable, independent and with an eye for your personal situation. Because insurance and money matters more than just the price. Alpina Group offers you the financial services and products, service provision, brokerage and health and safety when you need them.

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Alpina Group is a nationwide organization with strong regional roots. We are one of the largest financial advisory companies in the Netherlands with international ambition. We can be reached anywhere, in one of our branches or online.
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Everyone wants to live, do business and live carefree. At Alpina, we help our private and business clients achieve that. It is embedded in our DNA. We are there for everyone looking for financial security, with a complete package of related services and products. From insurance to brokerage and from income to pensions. All under one roof, which is very convenient. At Alpina, we are always close by. Both online and offline at a branch nearby. Locally rooted, approachable and personal.

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Alpina@Work contributes to the success of entrepreneurs by improving the working lives of their employees. An effective approach to HR, absenteeism, vitality and employability is a crucial success factor for your business operations. Of course we are there to arrange and take the required matters off your hands, such as absenteeism counseling, controlling costs of absenteeism and disability (WGA), performing preventive medical and occupational health examinations and risk inventories. We believe in the power of vitality of both employer and employees.
Alpina@Work: that works better!

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Voogd & Voogd

Our service provision is for the most part gathered under Voogd & Voogd. In the insurance industry we are an important link between (online) advisors and insurers. We are a service provider for more than 3,000 independent advisors and hold the proxies of almost all major insurers. Moreover, we have an innovative platform on which our (external) advisors and customers can choose from the products of all major insurers. We take care of underwriting and administration of non-life insurance, premium collection, claims handling and payment.

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We are proud of our specialists

We have specialists in every field. And we have specialist insurance. With that, we offer a complete package so our clients can always make the best choice for the best product.
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EERDMANS Yacht Insurance

EERDMANS Yacht Insurance specializes in insuring boats and recreational homes. Whether it's a new or used boat, a catamaran or speedboat; a vacation home or mobile home; every insurance policy is customized for us.

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Kingpolis is our specialist in bicycle insurance. Whether it is a new or used bike; an e-bike, cargo bike, racing bike or mountain bike. At Kingpolis you can insure your bike against theft, hull damage, accident coverage, personal property and European breakdown assistance.

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Assicuro private insurance

Assicuro private insurance is our specialist in exclusive insurance for exclusive private individuals. For years, Assicuro has been a reliable and honest point of contact for clients who have high demands when it comes to insuring their private property. We insure special cars, valuable possessions and valuable property.

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Verheul is our specialist in the tip of North Holland. Brokerage, valuations, insurances and mortgages; Verheul offers a financial solution, with a team of personal advisors who are ready when it really matters.

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Claeren specializes in customized solutions for large insurance issues that are complex because of their size or because of the specialized knowledge or risk. For example, for churches, monuments, large transport and equipment. As a proxy company, Claeren is a fast link between the financial service provider and the insurance companies. This ensures excellent conditions, an attractive price, rapid policy returns and expert settlement.

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Mandate logo

Mandate Assurances

Mandaat Assuradeuren is part of our service provider. As an authorized agent, they have the authority to act directly on behalf of one or more insurers. This provides many advantages such as fast policy issuance and claim settlement.

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Uiterwijk Winkel

Uiterwijk Winkel focuses primarily on advising the (wholesale) business market, including specific niche solutions for employment agencies, oral care, veterinarians and the agricultural sector. Thanks to strong purchasing channels and specialist knowledge in the field of absenteeism risks, Uiterwijk Winkel is able to insure virtually any risk and guarantee the continuity of the business.

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P+W Financial Consultants

P&W Financial Consultants specializes in financial products such as mortgage applications, pension questions, risk hedging and wealth building. With a team of experienced and driven staff, they advise individuals and businesses on insurance, mortgages and pensions.

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InsuretoStudy logo

Insure To Study

Insure To Study is our specialist in study and internship insurance so you are properly insured during your travel and stay abroad. You take out the insurance within five minutes online and you will receive your pre-policy by email immediately. Our specialists have over 20 years of experience in international student insurance, application processes, international claims handling and international tenders for educational programs.

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logo Arbode


Arbode is our specialist in prevention. Arbode distinguishes itself with high-quality training, consultancy and secondment in the field of safety, quality and environment. Whatever industry the company operates in, Arbode offers customized solutions to make the workplace as safe as possible.

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logo international insurances

International Insurances

International Insurances specializes in (collective) health and casualty insurance for foreign employees, students and visitors who
live and work or study in the Netherlands. With our expertise, knowledge of regulations and international orientation, we offer a suitable insurance in every specific situation.

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logo exsist


Exsist is our procurement specialist for interventions. Exsist is the lynchpin between health and safety services, specialized organizations in absence and case management, employers, intervention providers and insurers. They select the best labor-related care offerings from the market, arrange the paperwork and, where possible, the financing.

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logo sure in sports

Sure in Sports

Zeker in Sport is our specialist in sports insurance. For sports associations, clubs and their athletes, Zeker in Sport is the coach that advises on financial risks and proactively advises you. Our team brings its expertise and passion for sports together with the goal of providing you with the best insurance solutions.

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Alpina Group is the umbrella organization that also includes Hillewaere Group in Belgium since 2021. Hillewaere pursues the ultimate specialist role in the Belgian insurance market with the same mission and core values. Hillewaere has three service companies: Real Estate, Insurance and Mortgages and 22 offices in Belgium.

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