Introduction Day Alpina Group

First introduction day Alpina Group

New employees are introduced to the organization's mission, vision, ambition and core values.
Jan 26, 2023
2 min reading time

January 16 was the first induction day for new employees at Alpina Group

The day began with a warm welcome from the HR department after which CEO Michael de Nijs spoke. He explained how Alpina Group came into being and which strong brands fall under Alpina Group.

Alpina Group 's mission is to help clients grow and succeed by providing high-quality products and services. In everything we do we strive for the maximum, for our employees, for our challenging clients and our organization.

With the message "Together we make the journey to the top!" the tone for the day was set. After Michael de Nijs, various managers and colleagues climbed the stage to tell the newcomers about Alpina Group, the underlying brands and departments. With a fun Kahoot! quiz, the information just shared was immediately tested!


Of course, the new "Alpinists," as the Alpina Group employees are called, were also given the opportunity to ask questions. The day ended with a joint (non-alcoholic) drink during which the day was evaluated together. On leaving, each newcomer received a nice goodie bag with beautiful Alpina Group items.

We are very happy with the new employees and we are ready to make the journey to the top with them #dekrachtvansamen. Welcome to the group!