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Judith Beugelsdijk new director Alpina@Work

Starting April 1, Judith Beugelsdijk (53) is the new director of Alpina@Work, the occupational health and safety services arm of Alpina Group. "I truly believe that people become happier with work. As long as it is work they are generally satisfied with and in which they experience a certain autonomy. " An introduction.
Jan 31, 2024
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'People get happier from work'

New director Alpina@Work

Is that true, do people become happier with work?
"Yes I am convinced of that. Work gives rhythm and substance to your day, you participate in something, you have something to say at a birthday, it gives you social contacts and a purpose for getting out of bed. And it fills the refrigerator, of course. When someone ends up in absenteeism and on the couch, things never actually get better. That often doesn't make you any happier. So as quickly as you can rebuild and get to work. So you don't want people to drop out, which is why I think prevention as part of the health and safety service is also very important."

Why Alpina@Work?
"I regularly drove past the premises in Doetinchem and when a former colleague said to me, 'this is something for you,' I started looking into it. It turned out to be much bigger and more ambitious than I could have suspected and I only liked that: what an entrepreneurial club! And still a lot to do. I like creating order out of chaos, trying new things, inside and sometimes outside the lines. At Alpina@Work I can look ahead for a long time. I can start building and growing with all these different people, different blood groups, and couleur locale. How cool is that!"

You've done all kinds of things before this; what's the common thread?
"Everything I do and have done, I do with great pleasure. That's the most important thing. I choose work that makes me happy. That can be anything. And it always has to do with people. With cooperation, with sharing successes, and giving them trust and autonomy. Without autonomy, you don't get happy people."

photo by Judith Beugelsdijk

Alpina@Work is part of Alpina Group; how do you see the added value of the health and safety service company in a large corporate organization?
"That does sound very corporate. But again, this is about people. About people who help other people insure and advise on issues that are important to them. Either way, people are ultimately the capital that matters. It is important to keep all people fit and vital and to provide good working conditions so that they do not drop out. Alpina@Work can support this very well. If someone does not drop out or, if they do, they can quickly return to work, there are only winners. The absence insurer, the employer and the employee."

Work happiness, vitality and resilience are your focal points. What makes you 'work happy'?
In health and safety services, you naturally have some pretty 'heavy' cases. I always try to keep a sense of humor and keep things in perspective. Fortunately, I am blessed with mental fitness and a cheerful disposition. Because no matter how much you love your work, it is work and we all do it as well as we can. I keep a close eye on my own balance. And I expect the same from my people."

Judith starts April 1. Eddy Klein Velthuis, operational director of Income, Life, Occupational Health and Reintegration is pleased with Judith's arrival: "We trust that the course we have set will be continued. We are sure that she will help the organization move forward with new ideas and insights. We wish Judith every success in her new, challenging job!"